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Holly Lyon-Hawk Shop

Would you like to give someone a precious gift or perhaps you're looking for something for yourself. Here you will find a selection of containers, urns and other possibilities for you to peruse. 
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If you have any questions concerning any of these products please do call Holly on 07981 265 352.

Ceramic vessels/urns

Perfect for pets urns, keepsake (small amounts of ashes) and posies of flowers.

Kate Schuricht is a British ceramic artist creating distinctively sculptural pieces in raku and stoneware. Kate’s ceramics take inspiration from the passage of time and the way that objects have associations with our past. She often creates collections or a series of repeated forms. Whilst functional, Kate’s collections of jugs, vessels and containers are also intended to function as small-scale installations. The tonal effects of their surfaces of Kate’s ceramic pieces are achieved by applying many layers of glaze.
This results in the tactile nature of the ceramics.
Pet Urn Keepsake Urn Holly Lyon-Hawk Contemporary Modern Designer.jpeg
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