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Inspiration & ideas

Funerals are a sacred and precious time for friends, family and community to come together and give thanks for the life of the person who died, all they meant, all they inspired, as well as to share in grief and pain. 

People often ask me, "what's normal?" What do other people do?" My response is always the same - There is no normal, it doesn't matter what other people have done or choose to do, what does matter is exploring who that person was to you and what would be a helpful way for you and your family to be

able to honour their death and say goodbye.

Take time jotting down ideas, create a vision board using Canva that you can share with friends and family and remember you are the customer, you get to say what it is you would like,

the funeral director is there to facilitate this. 


Remember, a funeral is about honouring the person who died and helping those left behind process

and adjust to the death so tear up the rule book of Victorian funerals gone by and really think about

what it is that is going to help you and your family through this time.

There is no fundamental right or wrong, it's what feels right to you that's important.

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