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My Services

Woodland & Meadow Burials,
Crematorium Services,
Celebration of Life Ceremonies
Church Services 

"Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. I work in a very

different way to traditional funeral directors.




  • As well as being an Award Winning Funeral Director I am also an End of Life Practitioner - someone who supports people and their families as they approach death.


        This means I understand the journey you may have had to reach me know               and I will be able to support you in a holistic way.


  • I am a specialist in Ceremonial Care of the Body, this is a sacred last act for the person who has died whereby I use sacred essential oils to gently wash and anoint the person before dressings them.​


  • You will only ever be working with me. I have a wonderful team of staff who help me with the practical side of things, but you will only ever have me supporting you all the way through the process.

  • I come to your home to talk things through so you don't have to venture out to a strange environment at a time when you want the safety and security of your home."

Holly Lyon-Hawk Wicker Coffin Kent Funerals
Holly Lyon-Hawk Holistic Funeral Director Ceremonial Care of the Body
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Beautiful Baskets

Whether you want a beautiful basket, a solid wood casket or a maybe something a little different choosing the one that feels right to you is one of the main decisions you will make when creating a funeral or celebration of life ceremony. Take your time to look and if there is something that isn't here that you are particularly looking for please

contact me, I will be able to source for you. 

Holly Lyon-Hawk Holistic Funeral Director Woodland Burial.jpg


Our Dear heart Holly Lyon-Hawk , I don't know how my family would have got through our grief and sadness of losing "That Dearest Brave man of Ours, Ken."

You became a part of our family, you embraced our grief and walked with us throughout almost as though you were carrying us.


The time we had with Ken, the service you gave us, was that of an Angel ... and that you are on earth, we never knew funeral directors could ever be like you!

I am honoured to have been in your presence of love, and when my time comes, I know I, and my family will be safe in your nurturing and loving hands.

Thankyou, you were put on this earth to be who you are, and your

empathy knows no bounds.

Big Love to you

Jain and Family xxxx


The Final Journey

There is such an array now of different style hearses, from the classic to the cute.

Here you will find just some of the options that are available. 

Please note: The first three simple black hearses in the gallery are included in my fees,

all the others come in at extra cost starting from £500