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About Me

Hello, my name is Holly and I am a freelance 

multi-award winning Holistic Funeral Director, Specialist in Ceremonial Care of the Body, End of Life Doula for people and pets (PELS) and a Sound Healer. 

I gently support families to create a truly bespoke and beautiful funeral for their loved one as well as caring for the person who has died. 

I am passionate about empowering families, informing them of ALL their choices, so they can make educated decisions rather than an 'off the shelf' funeral. 

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"Funerals are a sacred ceremony to honour &

celebrate the life of the person who has died.

This can only be created & carried out

with love, support & giving time"

Holly Lyon-Hawk

My Services

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Bespoke Funerals

From £1850

A funeral ceremony is for you and your family to be able to honour and say goodbye to your loved one in a way that reflects your beliefs and wishes whatever they may be. A ceremony with the coffin present can be held anywhere, not just at a crematorium of church. Starting with a blank sheet of paper I guide & support families to create a truly bespoke & personal funeral. 

Ceremonial Care of Body

From £300

I am a specialist in supporting families to be able to help in gently washing, anointing and dressing their loved ones. This can be one of the most profound experiences anyone can have the honour of being involved in and can normally be carried out wherever the person has died, whether at home, in hospice, in hospital or care/nursing home.

Animals can play a huge part in our lives and honouring them in a way that gives the family time to give thanks and care for them after death can be important aspect in people being able to grieve healthily. I can help support you through the process of having your pet 'put to sleep' and care thereafter including ceremonial care of their body & saying goodbye. 

Sound Healing

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. I have found this to be incredibly supportive & transformational for people . I have trained with the College of Sound Healing 



"Holly came to us when the family had been told our beloved Dad would not recover from a rapid decline in his health. She gave us the strength to face his death in the knowledge that we had her support when the time came, and Dad was taken in to her loving care whilst we made plans for his funeral."

"The funeral itself was tailor-made to fit the personality of Dad and gave every person attending the most heartfelt opportunity to spend time with him, to celebrate his life and to say goodbye.
It was a day we did not face with dread as we put our total trust in Holly's attention to detail and we knew how special it would be. We can honestly say it was a beautiful, restorative and uplifting time spent together with Dad at the very heart of family life one last time"

"I wanted to say a wholehearted thank you for everything you did for us. It felt like an old friend was popping over when you visited, as you made us feel so at ease and cared for"

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Children & Babies

Holistic & loving care 

Full support from £1850

Losing a child is one of the most devastating 

experiences to happen to a family. 


I can support you & your family

through this time by:


  • Offering advise & guidance.

  • Supporting you in caring for your child after they have died by gently washing, anointing & dressing them.

  • If your child has died at home I can support you with specialist equipment to care for them at home by keeping them cool with a non-invasive cooling blanket, alternatively I can take them into my loving care.

  • Organising a bespoke, truly personal funeral ceremony.


Neonatal Deaths

Miscarriages and abortions

The death of a baby that is born alive and dies shortly after birth at any stage of pregnancy is referred to by health professionals as a neonatal death. These babies will have their birth and death officially registered whatever stage of pregnancy they are born at.


Babies born showing no signs of life before 24 weeks of gestation cannot by law be officially registered as a stillbirth and are referred to as a miscarriage. These babies do not have their birth or death officially registered. 

However, at whatever stage a baby dies his or her parents are well within their rights to hold a ceremony to honour this tiny beings existence, they can care for their baby at home until the day of the burial or cremation. 


I can support you through this entire process. 


"You gave us the space and confidence to create our own tribute to Colin and we were all so pleased with how it came together. I felt that we could trust you from the outset and we were so grateful for your listening ear and gentle guidance with our own personal experiences of grief." 

"You opened our eyes to the choices we had and embraced our quirks with grace and humour. When you left with Dad on Monday I didn’t feel he was alone as you were with him.


I really am very pleased that we had you there – you were just what we needed."

Holly is the most beautiful and most gentle soul that I have had the pleasure meet. She did my Nicholle proud  xxx


"To gently wash, dry, anoint & dress your

loved one can be one of the most profound &

loving experiences of your life"

With gentle support & guidance from Holly, ceremonial care of the body after death can be a precious last act of love. It allows time to process the death as well as time to honour the body that carried your loved one's soul/energy/consciousness.


Ceremonial Care

of the Body

Train to be able to support families to be able to gently wash, anoint and dress their loved one's after death.

Click here to watch a short video about this powerful work and how it can help families.

DIY Funeral Guide 

This training sits alongside Ceremonial Care of the Body Training and is for people who have already trained as either an End of Life Doula or a Soul Midwife

Get in Touch

Address: Blackberry Barn, Ebony, Kent TN30 7JG


Being Prepared

Being prepared at the end of life is something that can make the difference between a 'good' and a distressing death. 

For more information on how to prepare please click here.

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Dear Holly,

it is with my deepest and everlasting gratitude that I am writing this. When we connected at a networking event, little did I know that I would be needing services of a Funeral Director so soon. A month later when my beloved partner and soulmate died as a result of RTA it was you I turned to for help. It was you who took care of all the arrangements. It was you who gently guided me through the fog and bewilderment that so abruptly descended on me. It was you who honoured and dressed my partner's broken body with the utmost of respect. Neither I nor he would have wished to be in better hands. Your attention to detail, integrity and professionalism were above and beyond the norm, they were simply outstanding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"End of Life decisions should never be left until the End of Life"

"You can only make a decision if you have all the facts, otherwise there is no choice"

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